Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

I made these Spiced Cake Cookie Sandwiches a while ago, and I recently decided to make them again with chocolate cake mix. They were a big hit, of course! Not only do they taste amazing, they’re super cute and super easy!

For the recipe, go here.

Coming out of the oven.

Make sure you pile on a good amount of frosting!

I tried to smash up some M&Ms to roll the cookies in, but it didn’t work at all, haha. Maybe next time I’ll freeze them before hand so they’ll shatter instead of just smush.

It still tasted good, though!

I stuck with regular old sprinkles.

These cookies are impressive looking and insanely simple!


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8 responses to “Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

  1. Joanne

    They look adorable. like a little party in a cookie!
    love Mommy

  2. HMMMM HMMMM Good – Love these. They would be perfect for the peoples ;)

  3. Jessica

    Your recipe link is not working. Can you re-post?
    They look really yummy!

  4. Hunter

    Link to recipe leads to an image, as someone else said!

  5. Those look delicious. Great photos! :D

  6. These look amazing! Clever you :)

  7. ohhh these look good! i’ve been wanting to make whoopie pies, so this will definitely fill the craving!!

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