Williams Sonoma Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

My mom gave me this Williams Sonoma chocolate chip bundt cake mix a while ago, so I figured I’d make it and do a little review of it on here. The cake ended up being moist and very chocolatey, but not too sweet (which I didn’t like, haha). On top of that, it wasn’t much easier to make than if you were to just bake a bundt cake from scratch. It’s got a cute box, though, and all of the basic ingredients are included (although you’ll need to provide eggs, butter, and milk). All in all, it was a good cake but not worth the $14 it costs to buy the mix.

Inside this box you will find…

A sugar packet

A dusting packet

And a cake mix packet.

You’ll need to provide four eggs, two sticks of butter, milk, and powdered sugar.

First grease the bundt cake pan and use the dusting packet (which is filled with cocoa) to dust the pan.

Put the softened butter in your mixing bowl…

And beat until smooth.

Add the sugar and beat until creamy.

Beat in the eggs one at a time, then alternate adding in the dry ingredients and the milk.

Until it looks like this.

Fill your cake pan with the batter and bake for 50-60 minutes at 350 degrees F.

After it’s cooled, carefully remove from the pan.

I thought it would look boring with just powdered sugar on top, so I melted a few squares of a chocolate bar I had laying around an drizzled it over the bundt cake.

Then dusted it with powdered sugar.

I brought the cake into work and people seemed to like it (who doesn’t love a piece of chocolate cake?), but I wouldn’t waste your money on this cake mix! It probably costs less then $5 to just make one yourself.


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7 responses to “Williams Sonoma Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

  1. Mark

    I used the carrot spice quick bread mix they sell once to make carrot cupcakes, but it was definitely not worth the 10 dollars for the mix.

  2. Oh darn, all your pics are missing. :( The one you submitted to foodgawker was amazing though! Beautiful!

  3. i agree about the 14$…seems a little steep considering if you bought all the ingredients at least you’d have the leftovers for the pantry. still, i am always tempted by the cute packaging at williams-sonoma as well.

  4. It looks very, very good; but $14 for a mix?! Wow!! W-S is always so proud of their stuff, aren’t they? ;0)

  5. Zaboo Mafoo

    Who has “few squares of a chocolate bar…laying around” ???? That’s just crazy-talk.

    Thank for confirming my suspicions. Williams Somona stuff is lovely to look at, but not worth the cash.

  6. Cynthia

    I can’t BELIEVE they are selling that for $14 a box! I love to look around in Williams Sonoma, but I find them to be drastically overpriced. Pretty much anything you find there can be found for elsewhere for half the price — or less. So I go there for ideas, then find what I want on the internet.

  7. Adelina

    I’m glad you have this post! Thank you! Although I confess I have never bought anything at WS that is ready mix in a package for baking – I always have a feeling it really isn’t worth the money at all. Besides I can’t believe they sell this package for $14!!! It’s always interesting how well marketing can easily elevate branding to a higher level that captures buyers easily! I love the store though, don’t get me wrong! I find that with helpful and dedicated food bloggers all around me, I think it is so much more fun and rewarding to start making things from scratch!

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